Rumour File intro tunes

From January 1995 until December 2000, these jingles announced the start of The Rumour File segment of Ross Stevenson and Dean Banks’ brekkie show on Melbourne’s Radio Station 3AW.

At 7 minutes past 7 o’clock every morning, listeners all over the country ring up and dish up all the rumours that are currently going around town. Hypnotic Listening!

For Dean's retirement songs, Click Here

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It’s Just a Rumour (480K)
I'd heard the boys on the radio asking if anyone knew of any songs that dealt with rumours, and thought I'd write one. I got a couple of friends to help me out, we went into St Andrews Studios with Mark McCormack and put this down in about 2 takes. The rest is history! Personnel - Dunk, Leigh Lansdown, Bruce Reid
Click Here to listen to a very rough recording of my radio interview with the boys the first time the song was played, January 1995 (703K)

Elvis Rumour (214K)
This is the original version with the the line "You could win some Krosno's / Whatever else, God knows" which I changed to the phone number "9696 / twelve seventy eight" when Krosno glassware stopped sponsoring the spot.
Dunk only at St Andrews Studios

Sittin’ in my cab (338K)
Trevor Cronin from Sound Around Studios offered me free time to put this down. The timing is a bit rough as we were having trouble sync'ing up the multi-track. An original tune done in a sort of Kenny Rogers style. Dunk only at Sound Around Studios

Little Red Rumour (387K)
The first track I put down in my home studio, Whizzo Tunes (named after Monty Python's Whizzo Chocolate assortment).
Dunk only

Bo Diddley Rumour (368K)
Having been a Bo Diddley fan as long as I can remember, I always wanted to write a song with that 'chunk, a chunk chunk, chunk chunk' beat. So I did!
Dunk only in the Whizzo Tunes bunker

Beachies Rumour (519K)
Cadging some more studio time out of Mark McCormack, we went back to St Andrews studios to put this down. Something designed to bring back memories of sun, surf, hooters and a big throbber under the hood! Special thanks to 'Brian' Reid for penning the words
Personnel - Dunk, Leigh Lansdown, Bruce Reid

Chuck's Rumour (350K)
Dunk with Bruce 'Fingers' Reid guesting on piano on this classic, recorded at Whizzo Tunes

Shower Scene from the Rumour File (306K)
Don't you hate people who drag their kids into things? Genuine shower sounds plus Fifi Triebelle Britnet Lourdes on door banging and background voice. Very little coercion was required to get her to take part, honest.
Dunk and Lulu at Whizzo Tunes

The Tyrds (354K)
Well-known 60's band, the Tyrds. Dunk only at Whizzo Tunes

Bob Zimmerman's Rumour (272K)
Possibly the worst Dylan imitation of all time. You need a capo to get that authentic Dylan guitar sound and I didn't have one, so I gaffer taped a wooden spoon across the strings instead.
Dunk only at Whizzo Tunes Studios

Slim Dusty’s Rumour (289K)
Done specially to commemorate the great man's 100th album.
Dunk only at Whizzo Tunes Studios

Sydney Olympics 2000 Theme (277K)
It's not a rumour but a gut reaction to all the pre-Olympics hype.
Dunk only at Whizzo Tunes

Little Red Rumour unedited (563K)
The complete version including count-in and wrong notes!
Dunk only at Whizzo Tunes Studios

Tampa tribute Not played on radio so far, and probably with good reason!

Blues Rumour
With the down home sounds of Blind Melon Fry

Duncan 'Double' Decker
A reggae feel track inspired by The Israelites song

Muck On the Pluck segment intro. For the Monday Whingers hotline

Whole Lotta Rumours Goin' On Piano by Bruce 'Chopper' Reid

Personnel on the recordings:

Duncan Fry, Guitar, vocals on *, Everything on the rest!
* Leigh Lansdown, Drums and some vocals
* Bruce Reid, Bass, Keyboards, and some vocals
**Lucy May on door thumping and yelling. Also worked as the remote engineer recording the shower sounds.

Special Thanks to Mark McCormick at St Andrews and Trevor Cronin at Sound Around.

All original songs words and music © Duncan R Fry
No copyright is claimed for any other songs and parodies, and is acknowledged to be the property of the original copyright owner and/or assignee.


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