Old Dunk's Tales From the Road

!!! Advisory Note: Although there is nothing of an overtly sexual or adult nature in here, there is a smattering of real life language, and readers should bear in mind that Expletives have NOT been deleted!!!

  1. A load of old Claptrap
  2. Turnpike Tinsel What is that stuff by the side of the road?
  3. When Fast Foods Attack
  4. The High Priest of Magik
  5. The Flick and How To Get It Sacked? Me?
  6. The Lighter Side of the Frankfurt Musik Messe
  7. PFC Studios Part 1
  8. PFC Studios Part 2
  9. A Star is Bored World's Shortest Lighting career
  10. A surfeit of Little Boys
    The frankfurt's revenge
  11. All That Jazz If you like trad jazz, this story's not for you!
  12. Amplifiers
    Sometimes less is more, but mainly it's less!  
  13. April Fool
    Some people have no sense of humour!
  14. Big Brother is Deafening You Early Computer Music
  15. Carl's Teeth
    From the carefree days when I was playing in a band instead of bitching about them! A story of just how fleeting fame can be. Teeth don't fail me now!
  16. A Christmas Carol What the Dickens is going on?
  17. Don't Diddle with Bo
  18. Doctor, doctor
    A bad case of alcohol overload
  19. Funky Time
    Won't you take me to - dah de dah - a funky town? 
  20. Getting Paid
    Gimme the money or the guitar gets it!
  21. High Voltage Rock 'n' Roll
    Ron Rasta discovers the benefits of a Ground Wire
  22. Jobbed
    How to keep audiences out in the bush happy
  23. Leaky Radiator
  24. A true story unencumbered by the concept of good taste
  25. LIVE'r Than You'll Ever Be The Rolling Stones at Kooyong Tennis Centre
  26. M-m-m-my Generation Gap
  27. Metal for Melbourne
    Egos on the line at a Heavy Metal Battle of the Bands
  28. MF Lights
  29. Nashua Gaffer Tape If it's no Nashua, it's not on
  30. New Year's Eve
    Should old acquaintance be forgot, dah dah de dah.
  31. One for my baby (and a slab for me) Legless in Seattle (actually just legless!)
  32. Prawn Balls First catch your prawn
  33. Regurgitated Rock Hits and Memories and other crap
  34. She was only the blacksmith's daughter, but she knew my nuts had a left hand thread
    Tyre trouble on the road
  35. Take another little piezo my heart now baby
    Keeping the rehearsal room running thanks to the ChucKing Chinese restaurant.
  36. Thanks for your support - I'll wear it tomorrow
    No Band? No Worries, Mate!
  37. The Hunchback of Festival Hall
    Getting a live tape of the gig wasn't easy - especially with a reel to reel tape deck!
  38. The Sisters are doing it for themselves Country fun
  39. The Solo More fun at the band's expense!
  40. The Times they are a-changing Bob Dylan's electric tour 1975
  41. "Tijuana dance and hold my hand..."
    Yes, we have no Coronas; fun and games South of the Border.
  42. Uncommon Valour Travel the world, explore other cultures, meet interesting people...and kill them!
  43. We'll fix it in the mix
    Monitoring on the ultra cheap 
  44. When Nature Calls A tale of beer and bladder control

All stories (c) Duncan R. Fry. All Rights Reserved. Not to be reprinted without permission

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