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OK, so you don't take my word for it - I admit I'm a little biased! But lots of people have said very nice things about the book - here are a few extracts from emails and other communications.
I promise I didn't write them myself!

Hi Duncan,

I'm writing to let you know that your book "Live Sound Mixing" has been heaven sent for me. I only entered this gig about a year ago and your "no theory" "just wanna know what the knobs do and when to turn it" has helped HEAPSreplica breitling.


Gidday from Dallas Texas,

I have purchased your book and love it. Thank god someone came up with and easy readable way to do things. Brilliant mate, brilliant.


Hi Duncan.

I hope your book is doing really well, because every time I sit down and read some more of it, I am so happy I found it. Everything else is so know the typical non-musical approach. I have some pretty sharp kids and I know they'll really get it.

Thanks again.


Just a quick note to say thanks for sending the copy of Live Sound Mixing.

I was shown a copy by a guy I bumped into at a gig and just loved the style. It seemed to cover all those little situations that arise. I do a reasonable amount of sound work but not quite enough for every thing to be second nature. The book will be a great 'aide memoir' and I shall definitely be recommending it to my friends.



I was given the book by a mate who’s been in the audio industry for ages and wanted me to read it, to get a better understanding.

All I can say is this: it’s great!! I loved it, it’s so easy to understand, but not completely brain dead! It was perfect!

So 10/10 for it! Thanks Heaps, now I recommend your book to people that I help out!


Hi Duncan,

Just a brief note to congratulate you on your excellent text ' Live Sound mixing ' .

I have read all the weay through it and found it excellent.

Very educational.

Thanks, GM


Fantastic book Duncan, well done; I have never seen or read a book that explains so simply the workings and principles of sound engineering.
I couldn't put it down!
I have been doing some things the same way for years not knowing why, only that "that's the way it's done" or "that's the way I was originally shown."

Congratulations - I reckon it's better than any Stephen King best seller!



"Hi Duncan, I just wanted to write and commend you for your excellent book, Live Sound Mixing.

I am a soundman at my church, and we run what I guess you would call a small to medium sized system. For a couple of years I've been looking for courses I can go on or books I can read to up my skill level. Your book was great. As a 'layman' (I'm a banker by day, soundman by night!) it made what I thought were difficult and complicated ideas, easy to understand. Our music team at church has never sounded better. We've got some amazing muso's and it's gratifying for me when the people on Sunday hear them rocking out and I know that I helped build a great sound.

I think what is so good about your book is that it skips over the hard core physics stuff I've seen in other books but still tells you enough so that you're not left with major gaps in your knowledge. Also most of the courses and books I've seen have been about recording music - something we aren't doing yet whereas your book covers the grass roots of putting a P.A. together and stuff like that.

Once again, thanks for a great book. It's a big help and I'm sure a lot of other people think so as well.

All the best



"Just a short note to say how helpful your book "Live Sound Mixing" has been. As a working musician I had a lot of gaps in my sound engineering education that you have helped to iron out. I've just got to remember it all now!




"You're a champ, dude.You wrote a sick book and it does make it easier. It's exactly the book I needed, so I thought I'd ring and give you the lowdown on your good job.
Thanks a lot, dude"

Message left on my answering machine!


"By the way, I bought it in November and have used it regularly ever since. I mix for a weekend rock band (weddings/parties etc).
It is a GREAT book! Thanks for writing it."



And from the Blue Room online forum:

"...another excellent read for people into mixing is LIVE SOUND MIXING by DUNCAN R FRY. published by Dunkworld Publications, ISBN number 0 646 11235 X. No disrespect meant, as I classify myself amongst this group, but it really is "sound mixing for dummies", very clear on all aspects. (I got my copy through the PLASA bookshop)

"This is a great practical book about sound written by someone who has been doing it for years. Also the idiots guide to fuse replacement that it contains is very funny as well.

"On a side note the 'Tales from the Road' section of his website is well worth a look."



These are real emails from real people - I didn't write them myself! There are lots more but this should give you an idea of how useful people find the book.


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