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What's In the Book - Chapter by Chapter

Chapter 1

Basic Principles - What is a PA system? - Examples of different levels of production, from small vocal only up to big touring systems

Chapter 2

Mixers - What they are - How they work - What each of those knobs does - How things plug into them - Analog vs Digital, what's the difference?

Chapter 3

Equalizers - Graphics and Parametrics - What they are - What they do - How you set them up

Chapter 4

Cables and Connectors - How to coil up a lead - What goes where - Shielded and unshielded - XLRs and jacks and more

Chapter 5

Microphones - What types are there - What they do - Where they go - Wireless mics - Direct boxes

Chapter 6

Effects - Tape echo - Digital delays - Spring Reverbs - Digital Reverbs - How to connect them up - What to use and where - Delay Stacks

Chapter 7

Signal Processors - Dynamics control - What is a compressor? - A limiter? - A noise gate? - An exciter? - Where they go - What the metering is telling you - How you set them up

Chapter 8

Crossovers - What do they do - Why we need them - Examples of different types - What Speaker Processors and Controllers actually do - How to set crossovers up

Chapter 9

Amplifiers - Typical features - What watts are what? - Where they go - How to look after them - Impedance matching to multiple speakers - Troubleshooting

Chapter 10

Speakers - Cone drivers - Compression Drivers - How they work - Horns - Cabinets - Stacking them up - What is Phase - SPL and distance - Line Arrays explained

Chapter 11

Monitors - Why we need them - What they do - How you set them up - Feedback - Monitor mixing - In-Ear monitors explained

Chapter 12

Setting Up - Unpacking the truck - What goes where - Plugging it all up - Labelling the console for different layouts - Handling soundchecks - Channel by Channel setup guide - Using smaller systems -Packing up - Respecting AC power - Fools Guide to Fuse Replacement

Chapter 13

Mixing - Pulling the mix together - What sounds good, what sounds bad, how to tell the difference - Recording the gig - Mixing Solo Artists, Corporate events, Rappers, Awards nights, Theatre shows and more - Handling advice from the audience

Chapter 14

Problems - Getting the monitors louder - Instruments overpowering the vocals - The drummer sings! - Emergencies - 'No time for a soundcheck' survival guide!

Chapter 15

Appendix - What to keep in your case - Hearing protection - Connector soldering 101 - Stage layouts - PA riders - Channel marker sheets - Connector wiring schemes - Rules for singers

Chapter 16

Technical Stuff - Although this is very much a hands-on book, it's used all around the world as a textbook for Live Sound classes. So this is a basic list and explanation of words and concepts you'll need to know if you're studying for these courses

Chapter 17

Final words - Other books you can read - and at long last, an Index !

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