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Remember how in the old days you could tell an awful lot about people by looking at the reading matter around their house? On the bookshelf you'd find old paperbacks they bought when they were angry young students (eg The Dice Man, Catch 22, Exodus), a copy of Desiderata pinned up on the back of the toilet door, and their complete bound collection of 'Saucy Girls Around the World' hidden in the toolshed!

But how do you know what people are really like in the online world of today? Easy - you can get the same information by looking at their links pages!

If you have an interesting or audio related site that you'd like included in these links, E-mail me - dunk@dunkworld.com

Please note that we reserve to right to print a short description of the site as we see it!

ARX Systems Manufacturers of a complete range of Pro Audio Equipment; Equalizers, amps, speakers, noise gates, compressors, and lots more. A great site!

BS Sound Mark Barry's PA hire in Melbourne. Long time ARX and Dunkworld supporter

CX Magazine Pro Sound and Entertainment technology monthly magazine for Australia and the Pacific

LIVE SOUND! International The magazine for all aspects of Live Sound

Melbourne Music Centre Worldwide clearing house for analog synths, and more old equipment than you can shake a stick at! Located in Melbourne, Australia, and run by the charismatic Brad Coates

Mopar Muscle Magazine A magazine dedicated to bringing back memories of sun. surf, cheap petrol and a throbbing big block under the hood

Plymouth Superbirds and Dodge Daytonas. All you ever wanted to know about these 69 - 70 Nascar winning muscle cars

Stagedoor Productions Rentals and Production courses in Sydney, Australia

Brooklands - the world's first racetrack in 1907. An essential site for anyone with an ounce of petrol in their blood! 

Dunk on the very steep (and slippery) Members banking at Brooklands, 2003, dreaming of punting the Superbird around what's left of the track!


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