The Moon Rock Circus - 2

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Also included from Michael were two scans of very favourable reviews of Geoff's Moon Rock Circus shows:

Autographed Review from 'The Aquarian' 1975

Review from Raunchy Rock, 1975

As he mentioned before, Michael has an original pressing of Tranceformer, Geoff's posthumous double album, and has very kindly scanned the hand-typed liner notes that came with it!

Recording Info-1

Recording Info-2

Recording Info-3

Track Listing

 And, as a special treat, he's included a scan of this very rare US poster.

Click image for larger version (112K)

Last word (for the moment) comes from Michael:

"The interesting thing is that I'm only 31, and this music was waaaaay before my time. Since my pop supposedly performed with him, I guess that's why there's all the extra stuff! ... I'll tell you, it's good to know someone is keeping the unheralded, underground genius of Crozier alive.

That's all for the time being - I'll update this page on a regular basis if more info comes in.

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